The Pot Brownies Unsliced After Show Episode 11.5 Simlence


In this week’s episode of The Pot Brownies Unsliced After Show or After Show unsliced or whatever, Simon manages to STFU for two-and-a-half glorious minutes. Listen to the wonderful sound of Simlence, as Fooz kicks up the the insult-o-meter to 11, and Patrick reveals he hasn’t seen the movie that reference is from… the horror.

Highlights include:

00:00-08:16:  Opening Filth.

08:17: A little bit about Samoa.

09:00: Durians: They taste like heaven, but smell like hell (and other fruit)

Durian Fruit

10:00: More bullshit

11:00: Space, the final frontier, with a reference to NASA recordings of the solar system, such as this one. Oh, and Uranus is Fooz’s favorite planet, because the axis of its rotation tilts at a right angle to the plane of the solar elliptic (it’s closer to 97 degrees). By comparison, Earth’s axis tilts at 23 degrees, and Fooz tilts at 180 degrees until well after one in the afternoon.

13:00: Standup Comedians: Would you say you have an accurate perception of time passing on stage? Because Simon sure-as-shit doesn’t.

18:00: On people incapable of shutting the f*** up.

20:00: Please don’t take a shit in other people’s houses, unless you’re staying overnight.

25:06: Two minutes of Simlence. Achievement unlocked. Disturbingly, Fooz dreams of Simon drowning, and wakes up with a woody.

28:00: Arguments for a grown man with responsibilities to buy a console gaming system.

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