The Pot Brownies un-sliced After Show Episode 12.5

Welcome to High Tea with the Pot Brownies Episode 12.5. Unsliced: You are entering a world of pain.

This week we unwind for two whole hours with stuff about Jesus, the original hippy-dippy dude; inevitable Big Lebowski quotes; Morbid speculation about Lorde’s future; Sex, marriage and divorce, and so much more.

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This photo has nothing to do with this episode. Keeps scrolling.
This photo has nothing to do with this episode. Keep scrolling.

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03:00– People hear things all the time. That’s why there are chemical restraints. And religion. Demon texts Catholic priest that exorcised him. Social media and the ethereal world.

10:00– Fooz gets creepy reminiscing about Buttercup from The Princess Bride. Hypotheses on the nature of sexuality by three theoretically sexual beings. And have you heard of a Samoan celebrity named Cindy? Miss Too-Soon. A discussion of Adam Sandler putatively least shitty movies leads to a discussion about underage high school boys hooking up with their lady-teachers. Patrick reveals he had a crush on a teacher named Miss Too-Soon.


22:00–Jesus, The Original Hipster. On Reza Aslan taking down the “prosperity gospel” trend in the US, which seems to be used to rationalize a lopsided economic system marked by grotesque income disparity. You said it, man. Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

28:00–Miss Too-Soon, Part 2, and how the young aren’t really people until they’re at least 40. But then we all end up shitting into a diaper, anyway.

33:00– Welfare to Workfare, with Reality TV.

40:00– Christian music. Heavy Metal band Stryper was not Christian. And it wasn’t good metal, either. There’s also Christian hip hop. Egad. Does the Catholic Church have a feast day for the Roman soldier who nailed Jesus to the Cross?

46:00– Snoop, METHOD, LL Cool J. Lots of name-droppings here, but they all have smooth delivery, voices. Fooz and Patrick do Gin and Juice.

YOU MADE IT TO ONE HOUR. Good for you.

Simon's shout out to his wife
Simon’s shout-out to his wife

01:00:00– Sex, marriage, divorce. Sometimes you’d rather just go to sleep than have sex. Sexy music. Fooz and Patrick singing a Boys II Men ditty is the best form of birth control.

01:10:00– Wrestling, the WWE on steroids, and Fooz’s comedy wrestling league. Just talking out loud.

01:20:00– DUDE. It’s ok to be white. And in America, Arabs are the new black people. Fooz on Arabic hippity hop. AND IT HAD TO HAPPEN: a conversation about The Big Lebowski.


01:27:00–Soap operas, and doing extra work on Shortland Street sucks. And Fooz’s cameo on Power Rangers.

01:30:00–Super-nice comedians are probably hiding something horrible.

01:33:00–Lorde, have mercy. Will Lorde follow the familiar route of some early budding superstars? Or will she steer clear of the 27-Club? Our first installment of I Totally Called That.

01:40:00–Medical marijuana, marijuana legalisation, and the insane War on Drugs. And nobody dances well drunk.

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