The Pot Brownies Show Episode 2: We Forgot

Episode 2 of the podcast, more technical difficulties as we make like our favourite Sesame street character and forget to record until halfway through.

What you won’t hear us talk about:

American House of Representatives Votes to stop DEA from Raiding Legal Medical Marijuana dispensaries.

Hi Tech Headbands that can tell Simon How Boring his stories are

David Shwimmer Helps solve the robbery of  a Transvestite hooker who just “happened to work outside his building”

Best Cat of the year gets ratted on by owner

Simon’s cat is a perv,  just like it’s owner

What you do hear us talk about:

Cadbury Accidentally drops some Pig DNA in Malaysian Chocolate, sparks call for Chocolate Jihad

Best THC infused meal

Tales of paranoia

Realistic Bucket Lists

Mila “Rock My World of Warcraft” Kunis

some other stuff, but I forgot

Forgetful Jones



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