High Tea with the Pot Brownies: Episode 15- The Ghost in the Machine

The_Ring_Ending_1_18_13-590x276 “Patrick Spoils The movie Her at 3:20 -4:00” In this weeks adventure, the Brownies record a seemingly normal radio show, about Porn, Breaking bad in basement church. But what got saved had a glitch  in it that freaked Patrick out. He’ll explain it after the part that recorded ok ends. So if you want to find out more you’ll need to download the episode and listen for a preview, then tune in live on Sunday 4pm to 6pm as we discuss it and some  …. or in 7 days, some crazy kid in black and white is gonna climb out your TV screen.

Sunday Roast with the PBJ Crew is recorded live every Sunday evening from 4pm to 6pm (New Zealand Time) on The Flat FM (87.9fm North Auckland / Stream The Flat: theflatfm.co.nz / TuneIn Radio )