High Tea Episode 17 – Taking one for the Team

In this episode, the Brownies imagine a hard-to-swallow scenario wherein we strike a blow against prohibition by performing a sex act upon a member of government.

Patrick says he would do it. Simon says he wouldn’t. And Fooz cheats by disqualifying himself.

We also mention poor jerk-off who dies making one-too-many deposits at the sperm bank, and a hipster art project in Vancouver that people considered as offensive as Christopher Columbus, Satan with a hard-on.

So, scroll down for a listen.  Scan the summary to know what you’re getting into.


0:00:00 – Patrick Paul apologizes for poor choice in music in previous episode.

0:04:00 – SIMON QUITS CIGARETTES FOR SIX DAYS, and mentions this wonderful study suggesting a potential link between psilocybin and quitting cigarettes. With a shout-out to Albert Hoffman, the inventor of LSD.

0:12:00 – SHOCK AND AW-FUL Father disciplines his child using an electric collar. Fooz has experimented with shocking, but don’t do this to your kids. Patrick Paul offers a viable alternatives to schock for disciplining your children.

0:20:00 – THE FOUR PLAY: Movie-music of the ’80s. Ray Parker Jr, Ghostbusters; Huey Lewis and the News, Power of Love from Back to the Future; Wanted Dead or Alive, Bon Jovi, from Young Guns; Tonight I’m going to Rock You Tonight, Spinal Tap. Bustin’ Makes You Feel Good

0:34:00- THE CIRCLE JERK OF LIFE.  In 2012, a poor dude died from heart attack at a sperm bank after his third donation in three days. Staff hadn’t noticed until two hours after. Court recently ruled it was the wanker’s fault.

0:42:00 – Pimpass Paradise, Damian Marley (with Bob Marley)

0:45:00 – U-BABY. If you really need to have sex in public, visit Berlin, do it on the U-bahn, and dress for the occasion. Have you ever had sex in public? We all have. Freedom!

0:55:00 – MUSIC Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Dream a Little Dream of Me for our friend and The Flat-mate Daniel Jon Murray, of Under the Land (Saturdays, noon to two)

0:59:00 – A little bit about the destructive idiocy of TV-talent contests, and New Zealand’s

1:00:03 – Spanish grave digger loses job for posing in photo with disinterred corpse. The photo was taken by the dead man’s niece, sent to other relatives. Nobody was hurt. But, in the picture, the corpse’s face is digitally obscured, and the body is propped up like weekend at Bernie’s. Silliness with no justification.

1:06:00 – Prudish public demands removal of horny devil standing erect in a Vancouver park.

horny devilThe devil replaced a statue of Columbus. Another petition calls for Satan to return.

1:13:00 – MUSIC Let’s Get Wrecked, honeyhoney

1:17:00 – The most important political discussion ever. This week’s High-pothetical: The PM says he’ll legalize grass as soon as you pleasure him orally. Would you do it? He wants the whole thing. Discuss. .

1:25:00 – MUSIC The Sesame Street Pinball Counting Song, featuring The Pointer Sisters; That’s My Number, Toots and The Maytals

1:33:00 Man butt dials his way to jail, and into our hearts. Talk of “pleasure shivers” and “tiny little pins” apparently sends a red flag up to 911, which quickly responds. The helmet-haired Grant O’Connor then gets stopped by the cops and tossed into the can for weed possession.

1:35:00 California man arrested after killing ex-girlfriend’s dog, cooking it and serving it to her. Pomeranian named Bear. A pear of dog’s paws were left on her doorstep .Held on 250 k bail. Admitted to it but denied cooking it. AK-47 and multiple high capacity magazines. Which breed is your favorite?

1:42:00 MUSIC That’s Life, Frank Sinatra

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