About the PBJ Crew

Sunday Roast with the PBJ Crew is a general interest show for people with a general interest in Sunday Roast with the PBJ Crew.

Three comedians chat about current events, focusing their collective, jaundiced eye on the “War on Drugs”, dumb criminals, professional wrestling, video games and the oddities of 21st century life.

We don’t just talk, we listen. To music. Usually selected by Fooz Alhili or Patrick Paul, because Simon Eskow is a sad, aging hipster, with pretentious musical interests.

Occasionally, the Crew have guests from the comedy community, talking about their lives as comedians.

We take two hours of your time every Sunday afternoon from 4 to 6, just when you’re about to get anxious about the horrid work week ahead.

The Podcast is recorded live every Sunday at 4pm – 6pm (New Zealand time) at the Flat FM (www.theflatfm.co.nz). AKL 87.9 WHA 87.8